Jethro is the solution to Tableau Live Queries on Big Data


Jethro Delivers Interactive Tableau on Big Data at Hadoop Scale & Costs

Tableau dashboards respond at interactive speed on Big Data queries with a live connection

No manual data engineering — decreases the cost and time to add new Tableau use cases

Seamless integration—no changes to Tableau application or to underlying Big Data/ Hadoop data lake

Customers use Jethro to accelerate Tableau to deliver Interactive BI service while live connected to big data. Jethro transparently supports all SQL queries, for thousands of concurrent users analyzing tens of billions of rows. All that with interactive response times measured in seconds or less. This can increase Tableau adoption by unlocking new use cases and easing on-boarding for enterprise clients.

Tableau Jethro Diagram

What Makes Jethro So Fast?

To accelerate BI queries Jethro relies on a combination of 2 strategies:

• Full Indexing: every column is automatically indexed

• Auto Cubes: every aggregation is automatically turned into a small cube

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Enterprise Interactive Tableau on Hadoop with Aunalytics and Tableau

Join Tableau and Data Realty (now Aunalytics) and learn how Data Realty uses Jethro and Tableau to deliver analysts BI at interactive speed on Big Data applications.

Jethro delivers Interactive BI

BI on Hadoop Comparison

Jethro can support 1000s of concurrent users dicing and slicing 10s of billions of up-to-the-minute business data. Jethro delivers such high level of service by computing user queries in real time form Indexes, cubes, and query caches that are automatically maintained and kept current by background services. Jethro does not access the underlying data lake to answer user queries.

Jethro Eliminates Costly Busywork & Data Engineering

Jethro requires no human maintenance or tuning. Indexes, auto cubes and query caches are automatically maintained and kept current by background services. The result is that any type of BI query will always perform in seconds—no matter how granular or how aggregated—no matter how repeatable or how unique.

Seamless Compatibility

  • BI: Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, and almost any other BI tool
  • Hadoop: Any Hadoop distribution including CDH, HDP, EMR, MapR
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure

Jethro System Architecture

BI tools send live queries to Jethro via ODBC / JDBC connection. Jethro servers can dynamically scale out to support any level of concurrency. All data—columns, indexes, cubes, cache—is centrally stored in Hadoop, cloud, or NFS, and shared by all Jethro servers.