Jethro Resources


Eli Singer Talks about Jethro

Jethro solves the inherent latency problems of Hadoop and delivers business users an interactive BI experience.

The Era of Big Data

Jethro eliminates the need for data engineering workarounds. Achieve real-time query response times with a live data connection.

Connect with Another User

We use a Cloudera CDH5 cluster and a Jethro server configured to connect to the Hadoop cluster as a different user.

Connect Tableau to Jethro

Learn how to connect Tableau to Jethro and create your dashboards quickly and easily.

Make Qlik Work on Hadoop

Learn why Hadoop wasn't designed for business analytics and how to overcome this shortfall.

Connect Jethro to MapR

We discuss connecting Jethro to MapR using their interface, as if it was a local file system.

Jethro & Symphony Health

You'll learn about Symphony's BI applications and how Jethro transparently accelerates performance at scale at a fraction of the cost.

Jethro Manager

See how easy it is to create an instance in Jethro and load 10 million rows of TPC. Next, we show you how to connect to Tableau and begin your BI analysis.

Fastest BI on Hadoop

Query Hadoop directly from Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy and almost all other BI tools. Interactively analyze your big data from the source


Hortonworks Webinar

Modern BI on Hortonworks Data Platform

A comprehensive data platform that responds to BI queries at interactive speeds.

IBI Webinar

Performance Optimization for Enterprise Data

Scaling your BI applications to thousands of concurrent users with the right architecture.


Tableau on Hadoop with Aunalytics Webinar

Data Realty (now Aunalytics) leverages Jethro and Tableau to deliver users healthcare insights lightning fast.

Business Intelligence Engine for Big Data

Learn how indexes, cubes and cache work in tandem to deliver interactive BI at any scale.


Accelerating Business Intelligence on Big Data

Full indexing and auto cubes work together to answer all query types.


Making Fast Interactive BI on Hadoop a Reality

The technology on how to achieve a truly interactive response time.


Tableau and Jethro Best Practices

Learn how to make VizQL work in the best way possible with Jethro.




Fast, consistent performance across multiple query types and scaling for hundreds of concurrent users.


Tata Communications

Delivering a truly interactive business intelligence experience on a large multi-tenant Hadoop cluster.



Jethro Overview

Customers use Jethro to deliver Interactive BI service at attractive Hadoop costs, while supporting all SQL queries.


Jethro for Qlik

Jethro for Qlik enables using SQL- on-Hadoop to gain near real-time access to big data with QlikView® and Qlik® Sense.


Jethro for Tableau

Customers use Jethro to accelerate Tableau to deliver Interactive BI service while live connected to big data.