Privacy Policy

Jethrodata Ltd. (“Jethrodata” or “We“) respects your privacy. This policy explains our privacy practices with respect to information collected from use of our website and our product. Your use of our product is conditioned upon acceptance of our Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy lists our current policies, but, as noted below, this Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time at our discretion. If you do not agree to be subject to this Privacy Policy you should not use our product or website.

  1. What personal information do you have to provide Jethrodata?

When you register, you may be asked to provide us with personal contact information, such as name, job title, company name, address, country, phone number and email. If you license the product for production use, we may also ask you to provide additional payment and transactions related information.

  1. What Internet traffic or data does Jethrodata monitor or collect?

Whenever you visit our website, Jethrodata will collect information, such as session durations, page impressions, operating system, Internet protocol (IP) addresses, domain name, access times and referring website addresses.

When you download our products, Jethrodata may automatically collect non-personally identifiable information, such as usage, amount of data, durations, performance and technical data (“Usage Information”). We may use the Usage Information to learn about how our products are used in order to improve them.

Further information may be collected when you and Jethrodata exchange communications, for example, when you submit an inquiry, including support requests, to the customer support at:

  1. What does Jethrodata do with your personally identifiable information?

Jethrodata may use personally identifiable information for the following purposes:

  • To operate and improve the product and services we offer; to send you updates and notices and to provide you with information related to our product, to ask for your feedback in order to improve the administration and quality of experience of our website, products and services and to respond to your inquiries and requests; Jethrodata will not share your e-mail address or any other personally identifiable information with online advertisers and advertising networks, without your explicit consent;
  • To comply with any applicable law and assist law enforcement agencies as required; In any case where Jethrodata believes that the use of the information is necessary to prevent imminent physical harm or damage to property;
  • To enforce the Terms of Service related to Jethrodata’s product and to collect fees and debts, and to prevent fraud, misappropriation, infringements, identity thefts and any other misuse of our product.
  1. Important notice about children’s privacy

Our product is not intended for use by children. If you are under 18 years old, then you may not use our product and must not provide any of your personal details. We do not knowingly collect information from, and/or about children.

  1. How does Jethrodata share your personally identifiable information with others?

Jethrodata does not sell, trade, transfer or lease your personally identifiable information to third parties. Jethrodata does not share personally identifiable information with others except (a) subject to your explicit consent, or (b) under the following circumstances:

  • Jethrodata may share your personally identifiable information with business partners for advertising or product/service offering purposes, including to process payments, to conduct quality assurance testing; to provide help desk and technical support; to provide marketing services; provide other specific services to you, and to contact you. For example, Jethrodata may use a third party’s mailing platform to send you messages and updates from time to time;
  • In any case of dispute, or legal proceeding of any kind between you and Jethrodata, or between you and other users or third parties with respect to, or in relation with the product; In any case where Jethrodata believes in good faith that sharing information is necessary to (a) comply with relevant laws; or (b) prevent imminent physical harm or damage to property;
  • If Jethrodata organizes its operation within a different framework, or through another legal structure or entity, or if Jethrodata is acquired by, or merged with another entity, provided however, that those entities agree to be bound by the provisions of this policy, with respective changes taken into consideration; Jethrodata may share personally identifiable information with companies connected, or affiliated with Jethrodata, such as subsidiaries, sister-companies and parent companies, in which case we will require our affiliates to honor this policy.
  1. How does Jethrodata use aggregated information?

Jethrodata may also use anonymous, statistical or aggregated information to improve the quality and functionality of the product, to analyze request and usage patterns, to enhance your experience, to create new products and services, to change or cancel existing content or products and services and for other internal and statistical purposes. Jethrodata may use and disclose such anonymous information, to third parties, at Jethrodata’s sole discretion, provided however, that Jethrodata will not knowingly, or intentionally use the information to reveal your identity without your consent.

  1. What opt-out and deletion options are available to you?

If you are registered with us, then you may access your personal account at any time. You may request changes to or deletion of your personally identifiable information by us, by sending an e-mail to:, but please note that (a) we may not be able to edit or delete your personally identifiable information stored with our third party service providers and (b) we may be required (by law or otherwise) to keep this information and not delete it (or to keep this information for a certain time, in which case we will comply with your deletion request only after we have fulfilled such requirements).

  1. How does Jethrodata secure your personal Information?

Jethrodata and third parties on its behalf use a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

Despite these measures, you should know that Jethrodata cannot fully eliminate security risks or guarantee that the product will be immune from any wrongdoings, malfunctions, unlawful interceptions or unauthorized access to the information stored therein and to other information security risks, or that your private communications on or through the services will remain private.

  1. Links to Other Sites

Jethrodata website may contain links to other third party websites. Jethrodata is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices or the content of such third party websites.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Jethrodata may change and update the terms of this policy from time to time. If we decide to change our privacy policy materially, we will post prior notice of those changes on our website. This will serve as your notification of these changes.

Contact Information

Jethrodata welcomes your comments or questions regarding this Privacy Policy. Please e-mail us to