We Make Microstrategy Work at Interactive Speed on Big Data

Real-time speeds while analyzing and visualizing data of any size on Big Data

Enterprise interactive Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy at Hadoop costs

  • Interactive BI dashboards at Big Data scale
  • No manual data engineering
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing BI applications and data lake

Customers use Jethro to deliver Interactive BI service at attractive Hadoop costs. Jethro transparently supports all SQL queries, for thousands of concurrent users analyzing tens of billions of rows. All that with interactive response times measured in seconds.

Interactive performance for all types of queries

Jethro’s Cost- Based Optimizer combines three different strategies to deliver interactive performance across all types of queries:

  • Full Indexing: every column is automatically indexed
  • Auto Cubes: every aggregation is automatically turned into a small cube
  • Result Cache: every query result is automatically cached

What is MAS?

An indexing & caching server for MicroStrategy

When is this needed?

When reports run too slow, or when MicroStrategy’s cubes are too big to be stored/loaded

How it works:

1. Microstrategy sends live queries to Jethro

2. Jethro speeds up queries

  • Full indexing – every column is indexed
  • Result cache – every query is cached
  • Auto cubes – every repeatable pattern

3. Everything stored in Hadoop


• MAS by Jethro works with any data source and big data platform

• Optimal for 0.5B – 10B row datasets

MicroStrategy on Hadoop

Query Hadoop and other big data sources directly from MicroStrategy and explore your data at interactive speed. In Jethro, queries use indexes and auto cubes to access only the data they need. Jethro surgically retrieves only the relevant BI data instead of performing a full scan—resulting in fast interactive response times.

This approach results in truly interactive queries for even the largest datasets.


See the Secret to Interactive BI.

Take two minutes and learn how Jethro harnesses the power of index-access architecture and intelligent caching to stream queries from Hadoop at interactive speeds!