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MicroStrategy Certifies Jethro to Enable Interactive BI on Big Data

  MicroStrategy 10.9™ Connector to Jethro Accelerates Speed and Scale of Big Data Exploration Supports Thousands of Concurrent Users Running Queries Against Billions of Records on Hadoop, Cloud and Big Data Sources Tysons Corner, VA, November 20, 2017 — MicroStrategy® Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, today announced […]

Can Your Grandpa’s OLAP do Big Data BI?

Business Intelligence applications pose nontrivial performance, scale, and user concurrency challenges to any platform. Traditional Data Warehousing platforms a la Teradata or Netezza use proprietary HW to address them, thus quickly becoming impractically expensive for Big Data BI. Emerging Hadoop and Cloud architectures offer the raw power and abundant storage required for the job, but […]

On-Demand Webinar: How Tata Communications Uses Jethro to Deliver Interactive BI on Hadoop

Learn how Tata Communications CDN overcame Hadoop latency pitfalls to deliver its end users a BOI dashboard on a shared Hadoop data lake with thousands of concurrent users that works at interactive speed. This on-demand webinar is hosted by Tata Communications CDN Head of Engineering, Samik Mukherjee and Jethro CEO Eli Singer. You will learn about […]

5 Reasons Business Intelligence on Hadoop Projects Fail

Business Intelligence (BI) on Hadoop Projects Are Difficult to Execute Successfully Hadoop has its own set of constraints and problems, and when you throw BI into the mix it’s a whole other ballgame. As companies move their EDW to Hadoop, they expect to be able to migrate their analytical applications as well. While workloads such as […]

Eli Singer Discusses How to Make Business Intelligence Work on Hadoop

Jethro CEO Eli Singer discusses the transition from traditional EDWs to Hadoop and the resulting latency issues. He discusses why this is problematic for Business Intelligence use cases and the ideal SQL-on-Hadoop architecture to solve this problem. Eli tells how to enable Tableau, Qlik and MicroStrategy to deliver  business users an interactive business intelligence on […]

Database Architectures for Business Intelligence Demystified: A Concise Comparison

Database Architectures for Business Intelligence Demystified: A Concise Comparison Introduction The year 2008 was one of drastic change in the world economy and in society. Major financial institutions collapsed, while Internet social networking service providers such as Facebook and Twitter (and later Uber and WhatsApp) grew exponentially. This resulted in enormous changes in the database […]

Jethro 1.6.0 Released

The main themes of Jethro 1.6.0 are concurrency and new range-index features. Concurrency features are: Reuse of results when the same “where” clause is used by multiple queries, in order to reduce resource consumption and increase concurrency. Enhanced locking infrastructure to protect against deadlocks during high load. Increase the maximum number of threads allocated by the operating […]

What’s new in JethroData 1.0

As we announced earlier today, JethroData 1.0 was just released. Since launching the public beta six months ago, we have added numerous improvements and bug fixes across the board. I would like to share some highlights: Performance Adaptive Cache – Users typically access Jethro from their dashboards and BI tools. These tools generate SQLs in […]

Partitioning in Hive and Impala Versus Jethro

In my previous post, I explained how partitioning works in Jethro. In this post, I would like to explain how partitioning was implemented in Hive and Impala, why their design is very problematic, and how our implementation avoids those problems. Design matters! Partitioning in Hive / Impala In Hive and Impala, a partition is a […]