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Easy Steps for Jethro Deployment

Install and Create Instance Set up a server Jethro runs on a Linux server. Typical deployment requires a RedHat/CentOS server with 128 GB of RAM, 16 CPU cores and 500GB of disk space. Jethro stores its data on Hadoop, but can use any file system, either local or network, instead. See the installation guide for […]

How to Install Jethro with a Different Hadoop User

The regular Jethro setup requires that an OS user named “jethro” will be defined on the Hadoop cluster namenode. However, in some cases it may be not possible to define new users in Hadoop and instead, a user would want to install Jethro using an existing user. The following document describes the steps required to install […]

How to Generate Mock Data for Testing

Do you want to test Jethro but don’t have any data to use? With the csvgen utility you can very easily generate mock data and load it into Jethro. The utility generates csv files that can be loaded into Jethro based on your specifications. This document describes how to use the csvgen utility to generate data […]

(2/3) How to Configure an AWS Instance for a Jethro server

How to Configure an AWS Instance for a Jethro Server This post walks you through the steps of configuring an Amazon AWS instance to be used as a Jethro server. It assumes that you already have a running Amazon AWS instance created of the “Jethro Query Node” AMI. If you haven’t created an instance yet, go to How […]

(1/3) How to Set up an Amazon AWS Instance

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up an Amazon AWS Instance Amazon AWS can be used to run a Jethro server. All you need is an Amazon AWS account and you can run a Jethro server in a matter of minutes. This comprehensive post takes you through the steps of creating and running an Amazon AWS instance that can […]