BI on Big Data Unlimited Discovery Mountains

Query Hadoop directly from Tableau, Qlik or almost any BI tool.
Without extracts, predefined partitions or cumbersome cubes.

Webinar: Explore BI on Hadoop at the Speed of Thought

BI on Big Data Space Exploration

BI Directly on Hadoop.

Seamlessly query Hadoop directly from Tableau or Qlik. No extracts or cumbersome cubes.

  • Fastest query response times according to live independent benchmarks
  • BI without Extracts & Cubes - Even of Astronomical Magnitude
  • Compatible with Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy and Almost Any BI Tool
BI on Big Data Background

Technical White Paper:
Making Interactive BI on Hadoop a Reality

  • Why index architecture is superior for the query-heavy needs of BI
  • Challenges facing index architecture unique to BI
  • Architectural solutions for interactive BI

Limitless BI on Hadoop

Analyze data sets of any size with unlimited flexibility at the speed of thought.

  • Dashboards that Perform at Warp Speed!
  • Any Size Data Sets – Even of Astronomical Magnitude
  • Compatible with Any BI Tool

Jethro accelerates BI tools to deliver interactive BI at the speed you expect.

Jethro is an acceleration layer, which is unobtrusively sandwiched between your BI tool (Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy etc.) and your existing data source (Hadoop, Amazon S3, Netstor), and speeds up your BI visualizations by 500%-5000%*

*Demonstrated via independent TPC-DS live benchmark on 2.5 billion rows of data

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Refreshingly Fast at any Scale

Jethro delivers BI on Big Data at the interactive speed you need without extracting or forfeiting any data.

How Does Jethro Do It?

Works with Your BI Tool

Jethro accelerates BI tools like Qlik, Tableau, Microstrategy, IBM Cognos, SAP, Looker, Tibco and more to work real time. No more waiting for query results.

See How Fast Jethro Works


Ingests billions of events per hour, runs blazing fast queries of terabyte-size tables, and easily handles hundreds of concurrent users.

Learn How Jethro Works

Jethro Super-Powers Your BI Tool to Deliver Real-Time Query Results

Your BI tool’s performance suffers when your data is too big to load in memory and you have to access it directly at the source. Jethro accelerates your BI tool’s queries so that you can analyze your big data in real time. Jethro is compatible with all BI tools running on Hadoop or Amazon S3.

BI Tools

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Jethro Uses Indexing & a Columnar Structure to Speed Up Big Data Queries

Jethro is a SQL engine that is sandwiched between your BI Tool software and your Big Data such as on Hadoop or Amazon S3. Our unique approach empowers you to analyze and interact with your big data in real time.

Seamless Integration with Hadoop or Amazon S3

Jethro works with any standard Hadoop distribution, including Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR, as well as Amazon S3, and can be easily added to an existing cluster. It runs on separate compute nodes and no Jethro components are installed on Hadoop nodes.

Hadoop Distributors

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