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Launching Jethro for Tableau1 min read

The Jethro team is attending Tableau’s user conference for the first time this week in Vegas. It has been incredible to see the genuine sense of collaboration and community that unites that over 10,000 attendees. 

Today at the conference we are excited to announce Jethro for Tableau to empower people using Tableau with visualizations at a natural interactive pace. Instead of waiting minutes for their big data visualizations to render, Tablue users can now gain crucial big data insights in seconds.

Jethro for Tableau leverages Jethro’s index-based performance acceleration and combines it with the ease of use and visualization of Tableau. The combination will enable Tableau users to utilize Tableau’s great experience over big data tables that are simply too large to be extracted and loaded in Tableau’s memory.

The product is now available for beta testing: Download Jethro for Tableau.

Check out our live benchmarks so you can see Tableau run at interactive speed while live-connected to a 2.9B row dataset!

To acces live benchmarks:

  1. Navigate to:
    User: demo Password: demo
  2. Choose Jethro workbook
  3. For performance comparison chose “Impala” or “Redshift” workbooks

Read more about Jethro for Tableau

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